Style Consulations

Personal Styling 

The love of style runs deep at MXMLST. Our mission is to help you find your voice through style. Finding your style is not always easy, but it is so powerful in knowing what kind of impact you want to have on the world.

To help you find your voice through style, we offer styling consultations with Émilie. We focus on what is already in your closet to consciously find your voice and create a style that expresses who you truly are. From there, we can look at how to enhance your closet with sustainable creations, secondhand and vintage clothing pieces and accessories. It is all in the spirit of intentionality. 

With our step-by-step comprehensive styling consultations, we:

  1. Uncover who you are and what you want to achieve;
  2. Create goals;
  3. Provide exercises to push your boundaries and achieve your goals;
  4. Create outfits with what you own;
  5. Identify what is missing in your closet;
  6. Tips and tricks for getting dressed for your goals and lifestyle;
  7. Provide guidance on how and where to shop; and,
  8. If needed and wanted, we can shop for you and send you missing and complementary pieces.

Please email to move forward with your styling consultation! 

Other Styling Services

In addition to personal styling, we also offer styling services for special occasions, entertainment and commercials. 

With a career of 10 years in marketing and communications, Émilie has advised many brands and people in styling. From photoshoots for commercials in the Ottawa region to personal styling advice for politicians, Émilie's eye and intuitive styling techniques can bring any story to life using a sustainable and creative approach to storytelling. 

Email Émilie at for more information.