At MXMLST Collection, we are doing things a little differently to make sure we make clothes that fit your body and so that you can shop responsibly. This means, we encourage you to take your own measurements before shopping with us. 

Made-to-Order Creations

Every piece of clothing made at MXMLST is made with the utmost respect to the environment as we use recycled fabrics or small-batch fabric. In order to make our collections fit YOUR lifestyle and YOUR body, we ask you to send us your measurements. From there, we make the piece of clothing with your body and size at its core. 

Here is a quick guide to how to take your measurements! If you have any questions, send us an email at


Vintage Curations

In order to better shop online, you need to know your measurements! This ensures that every part of your body will fit comfortably in every part of the clothing. 

At MXMLST, we list vintage pieces with the S, M, L, XL system when they are true to size. We always list waist size and hip size for bottoms. As sizing has evolved through the decades, many vintage pieces are wrongly identified, therefore we list measurements. 

If you are unclear about a piece, send us an email and we will help clarify!