About Us

Welcome to MXMLST Collection! 

I'm Émilie, the founder of MXMLST Collection. It is such an honour to have you as part of the MXMLST family. 

The Legacy

MXMLST truly is a family business. The idea of building this platform to help you find your voice through style and clothing stemmed from a spark that was ignited after the passing of my maternal Grand-Mother. Her name was Armande and was a talented seamstress that sewed throughout her life. She passed away peacefully in January and on the way home from her funeral - from Sherbrooke to Ottawa - I was trying to read when thoughts and ideas for creating a clothing collection flowed through me like a wave. I couldn't stop it, so I drew and wrote, and within those 3 hours, I had a collection. 

As COVID-19 hit and quarantine was enforced in Ottawa, I started getting creative again. Although I learned to sew young and had bouts of time periods where I sewed a little bit, it wasn't a regular hobby. It was only in April 2020 that I started picking it up again and MXMLST was born. 

I always say that my Grand-maman is the matriarch and guardian angel of MXMLST. In keeping the legacy alive, my mother and aunt have joined me in the creation process. 

My mom, Monique, is the master mask-maker and creates most masks with the remnants of the fabric used in the creations and with recycled materials. MXMLST would not be what it is without her. 

My aunt, Lucie, is our master scrunchie maker. She's so much help and also loves to come up with new ideas to keep MXMLST innovative. When the three of us come together, we talk about our family, the legacy of making and sewing, and we keep the creative problem-solving alive. 

This is the family legacy that we are keeping alive. 

My cousin, Christine, pictured throughout the website, is the creator of the jewelry. She's a talented jeweler, mother of two, working professional and one of my best friends and confidants. Her jewelry is a total reflection of MXMLST and her essence seeps through her work. She's fun, meticulous, vibrant and makes you feel right at home. 

Our Values 

My passion for style and expressing my voice through style has been my constant in my life. It is something that comes naturally and a gift I'm here to share. 

MXMLST is all about impact. MAXIMAL impact. With that, we want to make the least imprint on the planet and your wallet. To achieve this, we hold ourselves accountable to these 4 values: 


MXMLST's aesthetic is bold to encourage YOU to be bold and to have fun. Being bold means taking risks and living to our full potential. Our decisions are based on boldness as much as our aesthetic is. 


Connection is at the core of what we do. Connection to our roots and our family and connection to YOU. In order to take business decisions that make sense, we evaluate how this will allow us to connect with our community, ourselves, our family and our customers. 


Our aim is to help you make the impact we need you to make in the world. Everyone is here to leave a legacy on the planet. Whatever that impact is, we want to help you achieve it boldly and in style. We are a tool to help you make YOUR unique impact. 


When you feel like you belong, you are more willing and ready to take risks. Creating a sense of belonging is our M/O. This is true for everyone that is involved in making MXMLST what it is, but it is also true for YOU. You are part of the MXMLST family as soon as you lay eyes on our products. You belong here. ALL of you...yes, YOU.

Welcome to the MXMLST family, my friend xox